26 acres (or thereabouts) of grass keep to let from 1st April 2014 to 31sT October 2014

The land which formerly formed part of Powkesmore Holding is situated on the outskirts of the village of Ditton Priors just off Ashfield Lane.

A unique block of level pastureland in two parcels . The land is entered into a Higher Level Stewardship scheme further details of which can be obtained from the agents.

The land is offered to let for taking a hay crop and/or grazing only for sheep or cattle. The existing species rich swards are capable a producing superb hay crops.

The maximum stocking density that is permitted over the land is 1.5 livestock units. The whole of the land offered extends to approximately 26.30 acres (10.65 hectares) as contained in the following schedule:-

OS Number Hectares Acres Description ELS/HLS option
5404 4.04 9.98 Permanent pasture HK6
0701 2.28 5.63 Permanent pasture HK6
1492 1.01 2.49 Permanent pasture HK6
1487 0.19 0.47 Permanent pasture HK6
1504 1.88 4.64 Permanent pasture EK3
2101 0.65 1.61 Permanent pasture EK3
2999 0.60 1.48 Permanent pasture EK3
  10.65 26.30    

Method of Letting
The land is offered as grass keep for the period of 1st April 2014 to October 2014. All expressions of interest are to be made to the Agent. A grazing licence will be entered into with the Licensor, with the Licence fee being payable in advance at the commencement of the agreement.

Single Farm Payment
The successful Licencee will not be entitled to claim Single Farm Payment on the land, however the Licencee will need to comply with all cross compliance rules.

A water supply is available to the land. The charge for this water this water will be a standing charge payable to the Licensor (to be agreed).

Higher Level/Entry Level Scheme
All of the land offered for let is entered into a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme as per the land schedule.

For further information please contact Angela Cantrill MRICS FAAV 01952 727007 or 07795 441932

£10 Million made available for Rural Businesses

The FFIS (Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme) was opened for round 3 of applications on the 4th February 2014.

FFIS is a grant available to farming businesses, contractors, foresters and horticultural businesses to help them become more efficient at using resources. With £35,000 available per business and a minimum of £2,500 per successful applicant the grant can be a real lifeline to support expanding/developing businesses.

There are five themes which applications can come under;

  • Reducing energy usage
  • Improve the management of manures and farm nutrients
  • Improve water resource management
  • Improve animal health and welfare
  • Improve the use of forestry resources

There many investment opportunities that most businesses may have thought of but simply cannot warrant the financial outlay at this current time. The grant is aimed to help with capital expenditure and installation costs.

The grant can help fund many different projects under the five themes; with heat recovery systems and electricity efficiency devices being available under the energy theme; slurry separators and application equipment to soil mapping software under the nutrient management theme; rain water harvesting and water recycling in water resource management; in forest and forestry yard based equipment in the forestry theme and the animal welfare theme offering funding to help with everything from mobile handling equipment and crushes to electronic EID readers, incinerators and nipple drinkers for broiler units.

The applications are going to be assessed on a first come first served basis so early application is a must. Even tenant farmers are eligible for building/equipment improvements as long there are 6 years remaining on the tenancy.

The application can be quite complicated and time consuming so we recommend that you engage a professional like Madeleys Chartered Surveyors to help with the application and increase the chances of success. They will not only be able to assist with the application but advise on the works and any issues such as planning. These can then be dealt with quickly and effectively ensuring the whole process is done correctly, in a timely manner and cost effective.

Entitlements for sale





Non – SDA



Non – SDA


Offers – No VAT

Non – SDA



Non – SDA



Non – SDA










(Subject to Contract, issue by RPA of 2013 Entitlement Statement (or equivalent) and Vendor’s Approval)

The 2013 Annual payment ( before modulation) for Non SDA was £270.86/Ha and for SDA £217.62

We also have buyers waiting, so if you have entitlements to sell please contact us.


Shropshire Rural Business Advice Day – A free event not to be missed

Madeleys Chartered Surveyors announce that they will be attending this event

To be held at Dorrington Village Hall

The Maitlands, Dorrington, Shrewsbury, SY5 7LD 

Tuesday 11th February 2014, Noon – 5.00pm 


There will be stands representing many aspects of the rural business including:

Specialist Software for Farm Businesses

Business Management, Planning & Start-up

Grants and Funding opportunities

Business, Financial & Legal Matters for Land Based Industries

Stewardship Schemes Wildlife & Environmental Advice

Renewable Energy

Cross Compliance Advice

NVZs, SPRs, Cattle & Sheep Identification & Records

Drop-In Clinics throughout the day

Need help with completing your NVZ records or annual Soil Protection Reviews?

Do you need advice on registering your Waste Exemptions online?

Bring along your own records for help and advice on how to fill them in, or just bring them along for checking.


Cross Compliance & Environmental Issues Shropshire

Agricultural Wages & Employment Law after the AWO

NRoSO & BASIS points available

We look forward to meeting you on the day.

Farmers advised to get trading to make the most of subsidy payments

Farmers are being urged to check their entitlements as soon as possible in order to maximise subsidy payments.

Entitlement trading is now well under way, and Madeleys Chartered Surveyorsare advising farmers to complete their deals before April to make sure they get the best value – whether they are buying or selling.

Entitlements were allocated to farms to enable them to claim their Single Farm Payment, each hectare of land equating to one entitlement.

Because entitlements are not tied to specific land, over the years through land sales many people have found themselves with more or less entitlements than needed.

It was announced late last year that the current entitlement system will be rolled on into the Basic Payment Scheme in 2015.

Chris Powell, of Madeleys Chartered Surveyors, said it was vital for farmers to get trading now because the entitlements held at the end of this year would be carried into the new scheme – and it was not yet clear how trading would work from 2015.

He said: “Trade is going well at the moment so it’s a good idea to get things sorted as soon as you can. With the deadline for trading being 2 April, and with the uncertainty of whether trading will be allowed after this deadline, now is the time to act”.

“It can be difficult for farmers to find a good deal, whether buying or selling, so it’s always advisable to talk to your agent or chartered surveyor before trading”.

“Chartered surveyors have access to the national market and can shop around to make sure you not only get the best price, but also that you get the right amount of entitlements to get the maximum amount of subsidy possible”.

“Call us for a chat on 01952 727007, pop into the office in Much Wenlock’s High Street”

Grants available for rural business

Rural businesses and farmers in Shropshire can unlock thousands of pounds in Government funding if they can “tick the right boxes”, according to a county surveyor.

Madeleys Chartered Surveyors in Much Wenlock have helped secure grants totalling more than £250,000 in the past year, and said more funding was out there.

Paul Madeley, who runs Madeleys Chartered Surveyors, said: “Different grant schemes run at different times, and people often don’t realise the amount of money that’s available. The one that is running in this area at the moment is the Marches Redundant Building Grant Scheme, which is a great opportunity for Shropshire farmers or rural businesses.

“The scheme is designed to help people bring empty buildings back into use, for example by converting an old cow shed into an office, which can be a fantastic way for a farmer to earn some extra income”

“There really is a lot of potential for unlocking a substantial amount of cash – we recently secured a  Rural Economy Grant of more than £75,000 for one client, for example – and it’s important that Shropshire businesses don’t miss out.”

Farm diversification is becoming more common across Shropshire, with farmers finding ever-more inventive ways of using their land to supplement their agricultural business, and Mr Madeley said many were unaware of the help that was out there.

He added: “You would be amazed at the innovative businesses that are hidden away on Shropshire’s farms.

“Helping these rural businesses and farmers make the most of the opportunities that are out there is a big part of our job, which of course has a knock-on benefit for the Shropshire economy as a whole.

“We have a lot of experience of applying for grants, and we know how to tick the right boxes to make sure people get the maximum amount of money they can. I would advise any farmer or rural business to have a chat with their chartered surveyor about what options might be open to them.”

Anyone looking for advice about rural grant funding can contact Madeleys on 01952 727007 or visit the website at



Overdue TB Tests will now mean Reductions!!!

From the 1st January 2014 financial penalties will be strengthened by DEFRA who will apply these to farmers who have overdue surveillance or ‘check’ TB tests.

Details of overdue farmers, of one day or more, will be supplied by the AHVLA to the RPA and then cross compliance reductions will be applied.

The longer overdue you are the more severe the reduction;

  • overdue by 1 to 10 days will mean a 1% reduction
  • overdue by 11-30 days a 3% reduction
  • and, more than 30 days is a 5% reduction

if the breach is seen as intentional then the reduction will be even greater.

More information can be found at:


Entitlement Values Announced

RPA has announced the flat rate values of entitlements for the three English regions under the 2013 Single Payment Scheme: 

  • €323.97 (£270.86) for Non-SDA (Severely Disadvantaged Areas)
  • €260.29 (£217.62) for upland SDA, other than Moorland
  • €45.47 (£38.02) for upland SDA Moorland

The conversion rate that will be applied is €1 = £0.83605 (based on the value of the Euro as at September 2013).

The RPA will start to make full SPS payments to farmers whose claims have been validated as soon as possible after the payment window has opened in December.

CAP Reform Consultation……….only one week left!!!

With only one week remaining until the end of DEFRA’s consultation period on the CAP reform it really is necessary to make your voice heard.

With the outcome of the consultation determining the future for farming for the next seven years it is vital that the consultation period be used to maximum effect.

Some of the main issues up for discussion are;

-          SPS entitlements being rolled forward into the new Basic Payment Scheme

-          A coupled support system in England will not be implemented

-          Minimum of 5Ha claim size will apply

-          The existing regional boundaries will remain in place

-          The European Commission’s Greening Proposals will be in place with requirements for crops diversification, permanent grassland maintenance and an Ecological Focus Area (EFA) of 5% of your arable ground.

-          Salary Mitigation will not be introduced

Many of these points and others being discussed will have a major part to play in how we plan and carry out our farming business in the future.

If you want to have your say don’t hesitate and either use the link below to respond to the consultation or call and discuss with one of the Madeleys Team and we can make sure your voice is heard.