Countryside stewardship 2017 top tips

If you’re not sure where you stand when applying for countryside stewardship 2017 – have a read of our top tips.

1) Check your Maps! The Rural Payment Agency (RPA) are currently undertaking remotely monitored mapping changes to the RLR (Rural Land Register), so please ensure your Countryside Stewardship Maps are up to date. If there are any discrepancies you should contact your local Natural England Office prior to submitting your application.

2) Applying for capital items such as Concrete Yard Renewal (RP15) or Self-supporting Covers for Slurry Stores (RP29)? Make sure you have the necessary consents and support from the Environment Agency and your Local Planning Authority prior to submitting your Countryside Stewardship Application.

3) Make sure you have received a copy of your HEFER (Historic Environment Farm Environmental Record), review any recommendations listed and submit a copy of this along with your application. You will receive your HEFER via e-mail from the SHINE website.

4) If applying for items which will improve water quality such as Concrete Yard Renewal (RP15), Nil Fertiliser Supplement (SW14) or Livestock and Machinery Hardcore Tracks (RP4) make sure you have endorsement from your Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Officer.

5) Ensure your application is submitted to Natural England by 30th September 2017. However the sooner it’s submitted the better!

If you need any help with your application please contact Madeleys Chartered Surveyors.