Mid-Tier Application Deadline Looming

With the mid-tier application deadline less than 2 weeks away, here at Madeleys Chartered Surveyors we are extremely busy preparing and submitting applications to Natural England.  The Mid-Tier scheme aims to address environmental issues in the wider countryside, such as reducing diffuse water pollution and improving the farmed environment for birds and pollinators. Applicants can select from management options and capital items and Mid Tier agreements must have a minimum total value of £1,000 per year in options over five years.

As well as preparing and submitting many Mid-Tier applications for the 30th September deadline, we are also preparing a number of 1 year water capital grants for the same deadline. “Similarly to the previous Water Capital (Catchment Sensitive Farming) Grant which was open in the Spring, farms need to be designated as high priority to be eligible for many water capital grant items” comments Paul Madeley, Director “In addition, certain capital items need to have been endorsed by a scheme officer which requires a site visit prior to preparing the application. With an approaching deadline, we are working closely with Natural England to ensure that we can achieve the best results for our clients, be it for stand alone capital grants or comprehensive mid-tier schemes”.

The requirement for all land to be registered onto the Rural Land Register has also caused a few issues. Land such as farmyards, buildings and tracks have historically been mapped as “white space” by the Rural Land Register, however this land now needs to be mapped if it is to be included within a grant application and a request for an amendment to the Register must be made prior to the 30th September.

If you require any information or advice regarding the mid-tier scheme or water capital grants please contact us.