Countryside Stewardship Scheme applications open

The Countryside Stewardship scheme today opened for farmers and land managers to request 2018 application packs.

This year four offers have been introduced to complement the existing Higher Tier and Mid Tier offers.

The Government have said they expect the scheme to halve the amount of paperwork currently needed and that the process will be simpler and quicker due to streamlined evidence checks and shorter application forms.

The four new offers – Online Arable Offer, Lowland Grazing Offer, Upland Offer and Mixed Farming Offer – will provide tailored options covering the full range of different farm types, so farmers and land managers can deliver environmental benefits no matter where they are or what they farm.

And unlike existing offers, all landowners who make a valid application for any of the four new packages will be guaranteed funding though the scheme.

This application window is an opportunity for farmers new to Countryside Stewardship (CS), or those coming out of previous stewardship agreements, to sign up for an agreement that will be guaranteed for its lifetime, to protect wildlife, boost biodiversity and deliver environmental benefits for their local communities.

Farmers and land managers have until May 31st to request a paper application pack.
Farmers intending to apply online this year will be able to create their Online Arable Offer application pack from February 20th.

If you would like more information on the offers available give us a call on (01952) 727007 or you can speak to the Natural England Enquiries Team on 0208 026 1089.