Harvest 2017

Harvest time is over and farmers are now busy preparing the ground and sowing next year’s crops.

The weather has not been kind to farmers this year with a dry Spring meaning lower yields and a wet end of August/September hampering harvest in some parts of the country.

Many farmers had hoped for an Indian summer but have been disappointed and have been struggling to get the last few acres in.

As autumn now sets in, sowing conditions have been good after a period of dry weather over the last few weeks which will help to see all crops safely in the ground and the maize harvest in.

Although yields have been down farmers have this week been notified of a boost to their income with a 5% increase in 2017 Basic Payment Scheme payments being announced with the setting of the Euro to Sterling exchange rate.

This is due to the weakening of Sterling against the Euro over the past year. The rate for Basic Payment Scheme payments is set on an average of the exchange rate for the month of September. Although this will not compensate fully for the average harvest, it will be a welcome increase in payment for many farmers.