Madeleys Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of practical knowledge having advised and assisted clients with subsidy applications since the inception of IACS in 1993, the introduction of the Single Payment Scheme in 2005 up until the forthcoming review of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) .

We have always been at the forefront in advising clients on all matters with regard to CAP and have guided clients through the difficulties with the Rural Payments Agency since the introduction of the Single Payment Scheme..

With over 150 applications completed every year we can, assist with the following:

  • completion of Single Payment Scheme applications for submission to the Rural Payments Agency
  • advice on the evolving complex cross compliance rules
  • completion of Soil Protection Reviews, Manure Management Plans and Nitrate Vulnerable Zone records for cross compliance purposes
  • RLE 1 forms to transfer or lease entitlements
  • RLE 1 forms to register land or amend boundaries
  • registration of new businesses with the Rural Payments Agency
  • submission of appeals to the Rural Payments Agency on decisions affecting claims and entitlement values.

We have the experience to provide the best possible advice and assistance. This is particularly important now that the existing regime is coming to an end with many farmers now turning their attentions to the longer term implications reform of the regime and how it is going to affect the way they run their business in the future.

We will have a detailed up to date knowledge of the reform of CAP and will be able to advise clients accordingly to assist in their decision making and forward business planning.