Shropshire farmers should register as soon as possible…


Around 60,000 emails have been issued today telling farmers they can now register for the new Basic Payment Scheme – which officially launched on January 1st.
Online registrations were due to begin last November but issues with the new digital registration system have delayed the process.
When first announced online registration was the only way to apply for the subsidies that many farmers depend on, but the process can now be done over the telephone if you have claimed the payment before.
An RPA spokesman said the new digital service was being built in a way that allowed the agency to respond to feedback and make improvements.
The telephone service was an alternative option for people wanting to confirm their identity and was introduced when the RPA started inviting agents to apply.
But anyone claiming the payment for the first time must still go through the online process – which is still experiencing issues.
The concerns over the alternative option of the telephone are that the RPA does not have the necessary telephone manpower to register thousands of farmer applications in a short period of time to then allow the farmer to get on and review data and then build up their claims.
We are advising all of our clients, and all farmers, in Shropshire to get registered as soon as they can to try and avoid these potential problems.
Once the 60,000 emails, and the letters set to follow them later this week, are acted upon there will be thousands of people trying to get through over the telephone – and is likely to lead to long waits and a backlog.
We would urge people to begin the registration process as soon as they can to ensure they make the best efforts to be registered in time to complete the claim.
For those that must register online there are still a lot of problems to overcome.
We have already experienced difficulties in getting the identities of clients cleared using the Verify website – despite having all of the information available at hand.