A CS lowland grazing option application run through

It is that time of year where the team at Madeleys are full steam ahead with Countryside Stewardship (CS) applications, with applications needing to be submitted by the end of August. This year we have seen the introduction of the new CS wildlife offers which is supposed to be a more simplified scheme enabling a quicker and easier application process.

You may be wondering if this is the case, well we are pleased to report that Adriana has been the first to submit a lowland grazing application and has had a surprisingly positive experience.

“The first scheme I completed was the Wildlife Lowland Grazing offer, I think it will be helpful if I  give you a summary of what was involved in the hope that it demonstrates how the application process unfolds.

Firstly I visited my client to go through all of the scheme options, we discussed what would work best for the client in terms of land uses, obligations and income. This initial meeting is also a very good opportunity to get all of the necessary forms signed such as the agent authorisation forms and the scheme application form. After this quick visit I waited for my client to confirm which options they wanted to pursue and in the meantime I am able to gather all of the necessary maps and forms for the chosen options.

I then need to return to the relevant fields where I measured the areas for the options and took photographs. The rest of the application gets done in the office which entails:

  1. Completing the application form which has to be signed by all partners/directors and agent
  2. Completing the agent authorisation form which again has to be signed by all partners/directors and agent
  3. Completing the annexes with the option information for the chosen options and making sure you have the correct areas
  4. Completing the Farm Environment Record maps
  5. Completing the option maps
  6. Completing the environmental information maps
  7. Completing an assessment of eligibility for permanent grassland

All of the above then gets copied, filed and the originals posted special delivery to the correct Natural England office.

Whilst you might possibly be thinking that it doesn’t appear very simple, this process is far less lengthy than doing a full CS mid tier application. We have found that a lot of our clients are already doing similar methods but are now able to receive an additional income for farming the same way as they currently do.”

Madeleys welcomes anyone to make contact with their office to go through any questions or guidance. We can be reached on: 01952 727007 or enquiries@madeleys.co.uk