BPS 2018 Update

Correspondence from RPA to Claimants unlikely to be paid by 31st December 2018


The RPA has been writing to BPS 2018 claimants where it is likely that it will not be possible to make a payment by 31st December 2018. This was intended to alert claimants to the fact that a payment may not be made during December. As in previous Scheme years, the usual reasons for a delay in completing processing include: large/complex claims; claims including common land; cross border claims where data needs to be provided by the devolved authority; and, claims where there has been either a physical or remote sensing inspection.


At present, if it is not possible for a BPS 2018 payment to be made by 31st March 2019, a bridging payment should be made in April, although a request has been made as to whether bridging payments could be made earlier in 2019 to assist cash-flow.


The RPA believes it is on track to pay at least 90% of claimants by 31st December 2018 and processing will continue during December and into the New Year.