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Article from CAAV:

BPS 2019: Online Entitlements and Land Transfer Functionality Now Live

23 January 2019

The online entitlements and land transfers functionality is now available again on the Rural Payments service.

Online entitlements transfers – Entitlements can now be transferred online. For inclusion in BPS 2019 applications, the deadline for entitlements transfers is midnight on 15th May 2019. If an RLE1 form has already been submitted to transfer entitlements for BPS 2019 applications but it would be preferred to transfer those entitlements online, it is possible to cancel the already submitted RLE1 form. To do this, send the RPA an email (from an email address that is registered in the Rural Payments service for a person with at least ‘BPS: Amend’ or ‘Entitlements: Amend’ permission for the business transferring the entitlements). The email subject heading should include ‘BPS 2019 – Withdraw entitlements transfer RLE1’ and the following information should be provided in the email:-

– SBI and business name of the transferor
– SBI and business name of the transferee
– type of transfer i.e. that this is an entitlements transfer RLE1 form
– the method of transfer e.g. sale, lease or gift
– the number of entitlements being transferred on the RLE1 form and their payment region

Online land transfers – Land can also be transferred online. In addition to transferring land, it is possible to ”Remove” land from an SBI by selecting that as the type of transfer. Please note that if the land parcel shows as being less than 100% owned or has a status of ‘Tenant’, it is not possible to transfer or remove that land online as the system only allows online transfers for land parcels that show as 100% owned. An RLE1 form has to be used instead to transfer or remove parcels showing as less than 100% owned or ‘Tenant’. We have been working with the RPA to find a solution to this as we are aware of many instances where this land ‘status’ is incorrectly shown, but that has not been possible to date.
The online land transfer functionality may also be used to transfer land parcels in preparation for Countryside Stewardship applications in 2019, but if the land parcel needs to remain linked to the current SBI (for example, because that SBI will be claiming BPS 2019), an RLE1 form should be submitted instead and mark clearly on the front of that RLE1 form that the existing Customer Land Link between the land and the transferor is to be retained so the land parcel is linked to two SBIs simultaneously.

Please be aware that if land is already in a Countryside Stewardship agreement, any transfers of that land may affect that agreement. The land must remain linked to the CS agreement holder’s SBI. It may therefore be necessary to complete an RLE1 form instead following the instructions above to ensure that the Customer Land Link between the agreement holder’s SBI and that land is retained, so the land is linked to two SBIs simultaneously.”