BPS 2019 Payments

As provided on the Gov.uk website, for your ease of information

“BPS 2019: Payment Exchange Rate Confirmed

01 October 2019

The BPS 2019 payment exchange rate has been confirmed as €1 = £0.89092, which is the average of the European Central Bank exchange rates set during the month of September. This compares to €1 = £0.89281 for BPS 2018 payments.

The BPS 2019 payment window opens on Monday 2nd December and closes on 30th June 2020. The RPA is due to start making full payments when the payment window opens.

The Welsh Government is offering BPS 2019 loan payments, which can be applied for from 15th October (as per our note of 25th September 2019).

The Scottish Government is running a National Basic Payment Support Scheme again for BPS 2019 payments, with loan payments due to start this month to those who have taken up the offer (please see our note of 26th July 2019).”