BPS 2019 Payments

As provided on the Gov.uk website, for your ease of information

“BPS 2019: Brexit – Potential for removing option of payments in Euros

19 March 2019

Please be aware that the RPA’s BPS 2019 Scheme Rules states the following under “Updates for 2019” (page 1):-
“This guidance has been prepared and is being issues while the UK remains a member of the European Union. Securing a deal remains the Government’s top priority and it is confident it can secure a majority in Parliament for leaving the EU with a deal. The proposed Withdrawal Agreement outlines the terms of an implementation period. No major changes are proposed to the BPS rules for the 2019 scheme year during this implementation period.

“However, as a responsible government, we are continuing to proportionately prepare for all scenarios, including the outcome that we leave the EU without any deal. In the event of a no deal EU Exit, the legislation governing BPS will be rolled over and amended by regulations to ensure that they work appropriately post-exit and further guidance will be issued if necessary. This may include removing the option of making payments in Euro and/or amending the ceiling for BPS into sterling.””