Community Tree Scheme 2020/2021

Shropshire Council Community Tree Scheme 2020/2021

Shropshire Council have recently re-activated the Community Tree Scheme for the coming season (Autumn 2020/Winter 2021) supplying transplant trees and hedgerow stock.

This year the aim of the scheme is to look at planting groups of native trees and shrubs as small areas of woodland to maximise the benefits for the landscape and wildlife.

Under the scheme there is also the option to plant native hedgerows either for gapping up or creating new short sections.

Under the scheme the trees are provided in pre-arranged species mixes under the following options:-
• Woodland for general lowland planting sites;
• Woodland for upload higher ground;
• Woodland for wet ground and;
• Native hedgerow mix

The application process is an on-line application and the planting must be visible to the public, if not directly accessible.

Part of the application is to prepare a location plan and planting details in order to provide a permanent growing record. Personal identifying details will not be revealed on the plan.

There is up to a maximum of 200 trees and shrubs per application.
Successful applicants will be notified to contact the various named nurseries in order to collect the plants.

If you are interested in applying for this scheme then please do not hesitate to contact Madeleys Chartered Surveyors on 01952 727 007 /