CSS deadline update!

An update from the CAAV:


“DEFRA has just confirmed to us that the annual revenue claim submission deadline for all Countryside Stewardship agreements has been extended to 15th June 2018. Letters should be sent out by Natural England to confirm arrangements shortly, together with a Q & A, and further information should also be made available on GOV.UK – we will post a further update on this website as soon as that information is available. This deadline extension applies to all existing Countryside Stewardship agreements, including those which started before 1st January 2018. It does not apply to existing Environmental Stewardship agreements.

As per our note on this website on 3rd May 2018, we are awaiting further details of what flexibility may be applied by DEFRA in terms of soil testing requirements for GS2 and capital items for Countryside Stewardship agreements with a 1st January 2018 start date that may not have been received yet.”