CSS Productivity Small Grants

As provided on the Gov.uk website, for your ease of information

“Countryside Productivity Small Grants – Round 2 Claims Submission

23 January 2020

With Countryside Productivity Small Grants (CPSG) Round 2 claims being submitted now, the RPA has highlighted two key issues with us which are causing issues with these claims:-

• the quality of evidence to support expenditure – the CPSG Round 2 Handbook included pictorial examples of invoices and bank statements at Annex 5. If they do not contain this information, the RPA cannot accept the claim and will have to revert to the claimant for additional information, which will obviously delay payment (please also see our note from 9th July 2019 which included information on submitting claims);
• Part-exchange – is not eligible.

The claim submission deadline is 31st May 2020 and this cannot be extended as that would not allow sufficient time for a further application Round in 2020.”