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Countryside Productivity Scheme (Small Grants)

The Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme will re-open in early 2019, have confirmed. The scheme is ideal if your considering purchasing kit- contact us for more information.

The RDPE Countryside Productivity Scheme provides funding for projects in England which improve productivity in the farming and forestry sectors and help create jobs and growth in the rural economy.

It is administered by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA).

Under the RDPE Countryside Productivity Scheme, there are grants for:

  • water resource management and reservoirs
  • improving forestry productivity
  • adding value to Agri-food
  • improving farm productivity
  • small grants

Government guarantees about funding after the UK leaves the EU

The government has guaranteed funding for RDPE Countryside Productivity Scheme grants if these are agreed and signed before the UK’s departure from the EU, even if the grant agreements continue after we have left the EU. This is subject to projects meeting the following conditions when the application is assessed:

  1. they are good value for money
  2. they are in line with domestic strategic priorities

           Below is the handbook for the small grant scheme in preparation for 2019 applications.