HLS 2020 Expiries

As provided on the Gov.uk website, for your ease of information

“Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) 2020 Expiries – One Year Agreement Extensions

13 September 2019

The RPA is sending out emails regarding HLS agreements due to expire in 2020 and one-year extensions.

If an HLS agreement was due to expire in 2019 and was extended for one year, provided the criteria are still being met, the RPA should send updated agreement documents later this year which will need to be signed and returned.

If an HLS agreement started in 2010 and is due to expire in 2020, Natural England will complete an initial assessment of the agreement to establish if it is suitable for a one-year extension. Natural England will then make a recommendation to the RPA as to whether a one-year extension should be offered. It is expected that Natural England should complete these assessments and recommendations by December 2019.

Further information is available on GOV.UK.”