Insight into Paul Madeley

Every business needs a strong leader with a well defined vision and goals for the future. Someone to bring together the rest of the team, lead by example and pass their expertise down to those who will carry on the industry into the future. Thankfully at Madeleys we have exactly that in the form of our managing director Paul Madeley.

And today it’s his turn to take the spotlight as we continue our series of blogs focusing on each of our staff members:

Paul founded the business twelve years ago with just two other employees, working with every client one on one and seeing them as often as possible.

“I have watched and assisted those first clients, and new ones over the years, as their businesses have flourished and gone through the highs and lows with each one of them,” he says.

“This is where Madeleys offers something different, as we have those core traditional values as the basis of everything we are and do to maximise our clients’ assets.”

Each morning, Paul goes through all of the jobs for the day and allocates them to whichever surveyor they are most suited to. He then spends much of his day focusing on consultancy work, overseeing the other surveyors and teaching on his mantra to them in order to build excellence in the field of rural practice surveying.

“I love passing on my 20 years’ experience to our new surveyors, as they are the next generation, all of whom believe very strongly in our mission statement and client values statement.

“Putting in writing my true values and mission statement has definitely been a high of my career, as it is something I have always strongly believed in since boyhood and my university years.”

Paul, who was brought up on a dairy farm in North Shropshire, now juggles the business and his young family, although having wife Louise as part of the family-run team has helped with this.

He added it had been a ‘dream come true’ buying the new flagship office – seeing his ‘baby’ (the business) taking its first steps.

However, this is only the beginning for Madeleys and the future will hopefully include setting up a new office, perhaps in Church Stretton.

“The most important point is having the right team behind Madeleys who believe as we do that our clients come first. Their businesses are their ‘babies’ who deserve our undivided attention to maximise their assets.

“We are different to other firms as we prefer long term relationships over maximising our own profits.”