Large Grant Scheme

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“Countryside Productivity Large Grants Scheme: Improving Farming Productivity – Additional Funding

18 September 2019

Further to our note on 5th July 2019 regarding delays to receiving confirmation from the RPA regarding the outcome of Countryside Productivity Large Grants Scheme (Improving Farming Productivity) applications, DEFRA has confirmed that additional funds have been made available to progress the remaining applications where they demonstrate best value for public money. This Scheme was significantly over-subscribed meaning that there were not sufficient funds available to progress all eligible applications, which led to the delays in the RPA confirming whether applications were going ahead or not. This additional funding means that the RPA should be contacting applicants to confirm that they still want to go ahead with the project; that they have not already started it and whether they wish to revise their project timescales because of later agreement start dates.”