Meet the team behind the scenes…

In a small company such as Madeleys, it’s imperative each member of the team is highly-skilled, approachable, able to work together well and focused on going above and beyond for every customer.

We’re extremely proud of all of our staff, and rightly so, because they put their all into making the company what it is – and we wouldn’t be celebrating so many successes and seeing the business grow at such a fast rate without them.

That’s why we’re starting a series of staff profile blogs, so each month you can get to know one of the team a little better, understand more about their job role and find out how they got to where they are now.

Today, we’re starting the feature with our director Alasdair Barne:

Alasdair joined the team three years ago and has since become a director which has seen him take on more management responsibility.

He came to us with plenty of experience, having graduated from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester with a master’s degree in rural estate management, following which he worked for a regional rural surveying company and became a qualified member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Following this, he joined a renewable energy company specialising in micro hydroelectric scheme development.

He says meeting the clients – both established and new – has been a highlight of his time so far at Madeleys, which has grown and evolved since he started.

“I certainly feel we have the right team in place which is very exciting,” he adds.

“I enjoy working for and thrive at the firm as it has traditional values at its core, but a modern approach to the jobs at hand, which is certainly necessary in this day and age.”

Alasdair’s day usually begins with a check through any correspondence to enable him to prioritise his work – he spends around 80 per cent of his time doing hands-on work with the other 20 per cent spent completing managerial tasks.

“One of the main reasons for going into surveying is no day is the same, you never know what you will be asked next or what will land on your desk, which keeps you fresh and the work always exciting.

“I love the diverse opportunities, increasing my knowledge and understanding every day.

“I enjoy achieving objectives and take great pride in my achievements on behalf of our clients. I am always happy when the client is happy with the result.

“There is a great foundation at Madeleys to create excellence based on core values. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I’m delighted to be looking forward to a bright and productive future here.”