New Adding Value Grant

New Adding Value Grant now available from the Rural Payments Agency

A new grant has recently been launched which provides funds for buildings, machinery or equipment to add value to eligible, agricultural products after they are harvested or reared.

Eligible agricultural products include arable and horticultural crops (food and non-food). Livestock products include dairy, meat, skin and hides and non-food crops including fodder, fibres and flowers.

Grant funding ranges between £25,000 and £300,000, at a rate of 40% of eligible costs.

You can apply for grants for buildings, machinery or equipment that add value to products after they are harvested or reared. Example projects include equipment for preparing or processing agricultural products, such as potatoes to crisps, washing, grading, bottling, packing, etc. Equipment for retailing, such as buildings for retail sales, vending machines, etc.

The RPA will prioritise funding for projects that can demonstrate:

  • That they will increase, improve or introduce new processing capabilities
  • Grow your business to improve business resilience
  • Process products for the first time
  • Shorten supply chains
  • Encourage collaboration and partnerships
  • Improve environmental sustainability

Stage 1 of the grant application opened on the 9th June 2022, with a short deadline of the 21st July 2022, so act now to take advantage.

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