Productivity & Slurry Grants – Time to Apply

You can now apply for grants under the Productivity and Slurry theme.

The window to apply will be open for 6 weeks, which means the deadline to apply is Tuesday 4 April. 

The items in the Productivity and Slurry theme improve agricultural sustainability and horticultural and forestry productivity, helping farmers use less inputs, reduce emissions and cut waste. 

You can apply for a grant if your business is in England and you are a:

  • farmer 
  • horticulturalist 
  • forestry owner 
  • contractor carrying out services to any of the above 

How to prepare 

Start by looking at the lists of items under the Productivity and Slurry theme to see if there are any that interest you. 

For example, if you’d like to get the most out of your slurry and reduce inputs, real time inline nutrient analysis might be for you. It records the levels of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium during application so you can apply nutrients with greater accuracy. 

An inter row companion drill for precision direct drilling of cover crops or companion crops could help you to reduce soil erosion and carbon loss from your soil.  

Or, if you have plans to plant trees, an automatic tree planter might be something to consider. It prepares a hole, inserts a small tree and applies water in one operation.  

The steps include a breakdown of the application process. Applying should take no longer than 20 minutes.  

The grants are competitive: this means that you will not automatically get a grant. The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will score applications.  

If the scheme is oversubscribed, we will allocate funding to those applications with the highest average score first. If your application is successful, you will receive an offer by email. 

Please contact the office directly if you would like further information.

The full article can be viewed on the defra farming blog