Productivity Small Grants

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“Countryside Productivity Small Grants: Round 2 – An Update

14 October 2019

Following the close date for applications to Round 2 of the Countryside Productivity Small Grants (CPSG) Scheme on 3rd September 2019, the RPA has been carrying out verification and validation of all of the applications received. At present, we understand that the RPA is awaiting a decision from DEFRA on what funding should be made available to Round 2 to fulfill the applications received, bearing in mind that there is to be a CPSG Round 3. That decision is expected “soon” but the RPA is currently unable to give us any firm indication as to when agreement offers will start to go out. As soon as we have further information from the RPA, we will provide an update on this website. Items included in a Round 2 CPSG application must not be ordered/ bought before confirmation is received that the CPSG application has been approved by the RPA.”