The basic information remains per our previous post, but there is no longer a deadline date of the 31st January 2022

A recently launched programme for all Farmers and Landowners with land within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The programme has been created by DEFRA and forms part of the Government’s Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP).

The aim of the scheme is to provide funds for farmers and land managers to work with protected landscape organisations in order to provide benefits for the following outcomes:

1. Nature – by improving wildlife rich habitats with greater connectivity between habitats and better management for diversity.

2. Climate – by storing / sequestering more carbon and reducing flood risk

3. People – by allowing people to explore, enjoy, understand the landscape and greater public engagement in the land management for example through volunteering and natural health services.

4. Place – quality and character of the landscape is reinforced and enhanced, historical structures and features are conserved, along with improving a thriving local economy and creating centres of excellence and green innovation
that are flourishing places to live and work.

The programme will run from the Summer of 2021 through to April 2024. The aim of the programme is to meet with the above key outcomes and make an important contribution towards the climate and nature-based solutions.

As part of the ATP, the Government is committed to help farmers and landowners to deliver against these four areas in order to meet the requirements of individual protected landscape, by helping strengthen their special importance
and enhance their environment and accessibility.

The maximum grant funding available is £250,000.00 with a minimum of £3,000.00 per application.

Where there is no obvious commercial benefit for the project, the scheme could pay up to 100% of the eligible costs. If the work or project generates commercial benefit to the applicant 20% – 80% of the eligible costs will be supported.

Examples of types of work and projects that would be considered under this programme include, creating scrapes, ponds, wetland areas for wildlife, providing new easier access opportunities, links with Public Rights of Ways, parking improvements at key sites, protecting and conserving historic features, carbon stores and sequestration.

Applications can be submitted any time from now, until the scheme closes in 2024. This programme works alongside any active Countryside Stewardship or Environmental Schemes that farmers and landowners might be part of and any future Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS).

If you would like to discuss anything with regard to this programme then please do not hesitate to contact Madeleys Chartered Surveyors on 01952 727007 /