Slurry Infrastructure Grant now OPEN!

Today, 6th November, Defra opened the applications for the Slurry Infrastructure grant, with farmers in England able to apply for grants of £25,000 – £250,000 towards the cost of slurry stores, covers and supporting equipment, to improve their slurry storage.

Before applying, take a look at the scheme guidance. It sets out who can apply, what the grant can pay for and the information you’ll need to provide when you apply. 

The first stage of the applications process is an online checker. You can find it on the Slurry Infrastructure grant page on GOV.UK

We developed the checker to give you an easy way of checking you’re eligible for a grant and how much funding you could get. The checker also tells Defra how many farmers want a grant and the size of projects across the country.

This helps us control how many people we invite to submit a full application in this round. It also means you won’t waste time filling in an application if we can’t prioritise you in this round. 
As you use the checker, it’s important to be as accurate as you can about your slurry storage needs and project plans. Once the online checker closes, the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) will look at how many projects can be funded. 

RPA and the Environment Agency have created guidance to help you plan your slurry storage

For further information or advice please contact one of our team, we’ll be happy to advise you further.